With Beholder Technology, You No Longer Have To Risk Lives To Save Lives. 

Texas has more than 5,000 low water crossings and leads the nation in flood-related deaths. We offer remote situational awareness in adverse conditions through a flood camera platform, flood maps, and a personalized alert system. 

Our flood camera platform offers live views of low water crossings. The flood map provides real-time views of the flood camera platform. This imagery is shareable with the media and can be accessible to the public. We also offer customized alerts on closures and gauge levels. Individuals can personalize their use of the software to be notified about specific hazards - i.e. selecting only the ones that might affect them. 

 As Seen In...

As Seen In...


"Revamped Flood Warning Website Should Give Central Texans A Closer Look At Risks"

By: Mose Buchele